Acer Altos G700/2.8GHz-36 (1xXeon 2.8GHz FSB533 512KB 2*256MB DDR ECC 1*SCSI U320 server 0.5 GB Tower/Rack (5U) Intel® Xeon®


Acer Altos G700 – Xeon 2.8/533GHz, 2x 256MB, 1x 36GB 10, 000RPM SCSI HDD

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Acer Altos G700/2.8GHz-36 (1xXeon 2.8GHz FSB533 512KB 2*256MB DDR ECC 1*SCSI U320. Processor family: Intel® Xeon®, Processor frequency: 2.8 GHz. Internal memory: 0.5 GB, Internal memory type: DDR-SDRAM. Chassis type: Tower/Rack (5U)

Acer Altos G700

Up to two Intel® Xeon™ processors for excellent performance and scalability on multi-threaded applications.
Up to 6GB of ECC DDR-SDRAM with two-way memory interleaving technology for superb performance and stability.
Chipkill technology protects your important data from loss due to multi-bit errors.
The 64-bit PCI-X interface ensures that you will be able to adopt the latest server technologies.
EasyPCI tool for quick and easy PCI card management.
Easy installation and comprehensive system management tools make the Altos G700 the ideal network cornerstone.
Built-in 2-channel SCSI and optional SCSI RAID offer users unparalleled data security and speed.
Eight removable, hot-swappable HDD trays allow upgrading of storage drives without the need to open the chassis.
Integrated gigabit-LAN means you`re ready for the next LAN-generation.
The warning LED on the front of the case indicates possible system hiccups.
LEDs on the power supplies indicate power status.
Hot-swappable and redundant power supplies ensure you won`t be left in the dark in the event of a power failure.

The most successful businesses are built on firm business principles; the most reliable networks are built on the foundation of dependable servers. Comprehensive management, proven technologies and awesome power are combined in the Acer Altos G700 to provide a firm foundation on which to build your business network. With an eye to the future, the Acer Altos G700 is equipped with 64-bit PCI-X slots, gigabit-LAN, and up to eight HDD bays, ensuring that your investment today will continue to show results as your company expands into the future.
As your business expands, you’re going to need more space and the flexibility to adapt to change. With up to eight internal hard disc drives the Acer Altos G700 provides plenty of room to grow. And with an optional SCSI RAID card, you can easily add an external storage unit such as the Acer Altos S300, or construct a cluster of Altos G700 servers to support all your business needs.
For added data security, an optional SCSI RAID card can be installed using the PCI slots to provide even faster and more secure data transfer, and the hot-swappable HDD trays mean that you can remove and replace a hard disc without having to power down the system.

Additional information

Chassis type

Tower/Rack (5U)

Number of processors installed


Processor family

Intel Xeon

HDD capacity

36 GB

Internal memory type



2 x Ultra160 SCSI

I/O ports

Expansion Slots:
2 X 64-bit/133MHz PCI-X slots
1 X 64-bit/66MHz PCI slot
2 X 64-bit/100MHz PCI-X slots

1 X 32-bit/33MHz PCI slot

On board I/O Connectors:
1 X PS/2 keyboard
2 X USB ports
1 X PS/2 mouse port
2 X Ethernet ports (RJ45)
2 X 9-pin serial ports
1 X VGA video port
1 X 25-pin parallel port
Add on SCSI RAID card

Dimensions (WxDxH)

216 X 670 X 425 mm


28 kg

Power supply type

450W 100V~240V hot-swappable/redundant power supplies (optional)

Networking features

Integrated Gigabit Ethernet on board with load balancing and fault tolerance supported



Compatible operating systems

. Microsoft Windows 2000 Server
. Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server
. Novell NetWare 6.0
. Red Hat Linux 7.2

Bundled software

. Acer EasyBUILD
. Acer Server Manager (ASM)
. Acer Remote Diagnostic Manager (RDM)

Processor frequency

2.8 GHz

Internal memory

0.5 GB


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